Online course

Making fantastic videos with your phone

Call us crazy but we want to give you all the tips and tricks we’ve learned over 30 years to help you amplify your impact with great video stories.  The aim of our 3-week online course is to bring storytelling to the forefront of everyone’s minds and give even inexperienced storytellers a structure for identifying and telling stories.  It will give all participants the confidence and skills they need to find and write a story and then capture professional video footage to create videos that will engage your audience and cut through the noise. 


Week 1 – Purpose, Audience, Goals and Structure

Knowing your Purpose, Audience and Goals is the crucial groundwork for identifying and structuring your story and focus your content strategy. Our worksheet guides you through the process.  Our story structure worksheet takes you step by step through the process of developing your story idea into a compelling narrative for video.

Week 2 – Planning for video

In this module we run through the steps to find the best format,  location to use, and visuals to film  to make your video as engaging as possible.

Week 3 – How to film and prepare for the editor

Everything you need to know for what gear to buy (not much) to turn your smartphone footage into professional looking and sounding footage.  With everything from interviewing tips to how to put a script together for an editor this module completes our course and leaves you edit ready.


Course participants can ask questions and get feedback in our regular Zoom catch-ups.


There are two price points for the course. 

  1. Course only - $150 + gst

  2. Course and editing of the story that emerges from the course (max. length 3 mins) - $350 = gst