Video Content and Storytelling Made Easy & Affordable in Sydney, Australia

The Team

Our mission is pretty simple – we want to help make your passion contagious. We're excited about all the excellent work that is happening to make the world a better, healthier, and more inspiring place and would really like to be part of telling those stories. We've gained so much valuable experience working with some of the best marketing teams in the corporate and commercial world, and we now want to give small business, not for profit and for-purpose enterprises the same opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

A story told with passion, heart, and soul is irresistible, and nothing makes us happier than when we're telling a good story well. Video content is vital but has traditionally been expensive and time-consuming to make.  We've thought long and hard about how we could be of service, and while we can't work for free, we've developed different services and price points to make video content as affordable as possible.  We can set you up so you can do the filming yourself and we do the editing, or we can make a video from scratch. 

Our founders, Suzanne Brown and Andy Letho are experienced, enthusiastic, and creative content makers. We figure with the combination of our skills and your passion, we can create content that will win the hearts and minds of customers, donors and partners alike, and create the impact we'd all like to see.

Suzanne Brown bio
I've always been enamored with a good story and an elegant solution. I'm always inspired and amazed at the power of stories to bring us together, make people care, and create change. A production professional with many years experience across film & TV production, content creation, creative concepts, research, writing, budgeting, and scheduling, I love nothing more than collaborating on bringing great ideas and solutions to life.

Andy Letho bio
With a love of storytelling, I started my career in graphic arts and photography, developing a keen eye for detail and building a reputation for adopting strong imagery and graphics to tell a story. I've been given some incredible opportunities to make world-class content including creating, producing & directing programmes for TV, TVC's, social media videos; staging product launches & sales conferences; corporate videos and internal communications. Coupled with experience across Producing and Directing, strategic thinking and a healthy dose of passion, I've been creating compelling, engaging content in all mediums for over 30 years and still love it! 

Here's a snippet of some of our commercial experience we now bring to smaller enterprises.