Helping you create

effective, affordable content.

Stories connect hearts and minds to who we are and what's important to us. 

We love helping not for profits, purpose-led enterprises and small businesses 

tell their stories and stand out in a crowd.

Our storytelling experience comes from years of working in television and corporate video. You name it, we’ve probably told a story about it. 

Organisations we work with

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The Content People are a group of passionate, experienced content makers who love nothing more than telling a good story well. 

Our experienced team offer strategy, advice, and the skills to make compelling

video content on any budget.  


A good story connects, inspires, builds relationships and makes people care. 


We’d love to help you tell yours.

For a free

strategy/ideas session


We love the power a video has to engage, delight and inspire.  We put the ‘easy’ into unique video content with three price point options – Essential, Collaborative & Bespoke.


You upload your rough video footage & tell us what you need

We edit, add graphics & music

You get to view it on Vimeo & give us feedback

We export it in your chosen formats


How else we can help

Written content

Need a longer form piece written?  Our writers love researching and writing profiles, blog pieces, articles and case studies.  


Our photographers can capture high quality images of your PR event, fundraiser or workshop.


Sometimes the figures say it all.  Our designers can turn data into a compelling and visual story. 


If you'd like to shoot your own video but don't know how, we can get you kitted up with the best gear and teach you how to use it for great results.


If you'd like to find out more, need advice or just don't know where to start, give us a ring or drop us a line. 

Sydney, Australia

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The Content People | Budget Friendly Video Content Services in Sydney, Australia